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End trophy killing of B.C. grizzly bears

The fate of B.C. grizzlies is a provincial concern, not to be divvied up into regional boards.

The language of the proposed framework, a very dense 66-plus page document, clearly opens the door for regional boards to reinstate grizzly killing for resident, non-resident and First Nations groups who want to kill them for trophy and profit.

Threats facing B.C. grizzlies, and all wildlife, have seriously escalated even in the seven years since this issue of grizzly killing arose in 2016-17.

Climate related emergencies, increased resource extraction, and other human incursions continue to disrupt grizzly bears’ access to food, mates and appropriate denning sites.

Science, ethics, common sense and ecotourism all firmly support non-lethal avenues to protect grizzlies rather than to kill them for their body parts.

If government is serious about conservation of B.C. grizzlies, take trophy killing off the table completely, as British Columbians have clearly voiced, and set that intention into legislation once and for all.

Val Murray Cordova Bay






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